Where to buy second-hand furniture?

Furnishing your home doesn’t necessarily mean breaking your piggy bank, but there are a few tricks to help you find used furniture at a lower cost. And to help you with this task.

Go to Emmaus

Known for its treasures at low prices, Emmaus is a good size plan when it comes to buying without going broke, so don’t hesitate to look around for cheap, second-hand furniture, especially antique items such as sideboards and chests of drawers, but also crockery and decorative items.And if you want to give a new look to your finds, you can simply repaint or customize them, for example, you could change the handles of that beautiful cabinet you just found.

Go to flea markets and garage sales.

For the last few years, flea markets and garage sales have been multiplying, which is logical since they are an opportunity to make good deals while having a good time. It is therefore the perfect place to hunt for cheap second-hand furniture but also to negotiate prices. Remember to go there early so as not to miss the most beautiful pieces which often leave very quickly!

To find out about all the opportunities to hunt near you, visit vide-greniers.org.

Surf on Le Bon Coin and Ebay

The advantage of this site is that it allows individuals to offer furniture but also decorative objects of all styles and at all prices. Target your search to your region to be able to retrieve your furniture easily and do not hesitate to discuss the price with the seller, you never know…

Also think of Ebay and its virtual auction system, where you can often find good deals at low prices.

Think of factory outlets

Factory outlets offer items at factory prices, so it’s not necessary to insist on the savings you can make. You’ll find display models and discontinued items, but be careful, only the old collection is sold there. Nevertheless, you’ll find new items that often cost around -30% less. And for those who prefer to buy without having to retype, this is THE good plan.

To find your happiness in your area, go to lesmagasinsdusine.com

Take a walk at night of the bulky

Everywhere in France, once a month, it’s bulky night, and even if this idea might not have occurred to you, you should know that it’s the best way to find used furniture without having to pay a penny.However, you’ll have to roll up your sleeves because most of the time, the pieces require a minimum of renovation, so check with your local town hall to find out when the bulky items are coming and don’t hesitate to visit your neighbourhood, you might be pleasantly surprised!


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