30 iconic design pieces with which we would like to be confined

How do you recognize a masterpiece of design? To its number of copies, alas ...Much cheaper certainly, they do not equal the beauty and power of the original pieces.By dint of having our Billy bookcases and our plastic Tam Tam stools under our eyes all day long, we he is caught dreaming of the icons of designer furniture to which we would like to be confined.

Zoom on 30 historical pieces reissued over the last 150 years, often for the simple pleasure of the eyes (because certain prices are clearly beyond the reach of ordinary people) or to select their first post-deconfinement purchase - like the Panton chair at € 259 or the very pop desk lamp by Vico Magistretti which does not exceed 80 euros.

1/Charlotte Perriand's “Potence pivotante” wall lamp (1938)

Charlotte Perriand did not like the idea of decoration.In her eyes, the lamps were not a decorative element added without reason, but a functional and technical element meeting specific needs.The "Potence Pivotante" wall lamp appears as a perfect illustration of his style initially dedicated to functionalism.In line with his most iconic pieces of furniture, this straight-looking lamp refuses immobility.With a long arm (200 cm), it adapts to the piece and to our needs with a simple wave of the hand.Designed in 1938, it was absolutely visionary at the time - and remains very current.An example in terms of design since its apparent simplicity is only daring and functionality.Edited by Nemo, 581 €

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Posted Date: 2020-08-31

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